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February 7, 2010
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Commission: Telanthe Cross by mazjojo Commission: Telanthe Cross by mazjojo
Commissioner: :iconaldotsk:
Commission Package: Combination
Number of characters: 5
Commission Info: [link]

Huff!! Finally done>_< worked over 3 days for this... drawing A la Hyung Tae-Kim's style as commissioners request..
It's hard enough! But i enjoy it... :)

okay the characters description below:

Rykar I. Retzellen (Yuu Kazami): (blackhaired guy)
A normal high school boy dragged into a different universal world known as Telanthe.
Rykar/Yuu was transformed into a different person and he was instructed not to reveal his real name -
therefore he chose his video game character name: "Rykar I. Retzellen". Rykar uses a sword as his weapon.

Ailina Listelia (Yellowhaired girl): A priestess sent by Esselnia Order to go on missionaries,
ends up meeting Rykar while she was in trouble. She holds variable potential as a sorceress and priestess,
and becomes a very useful companion to Rykar. Ailina uses staff as a weapon.

Shizune Yuzuhara (greenhaired girl): A ninja who is the daughter of high clan Fuyukatsuke,
left her clan to explore around the world and learn about the world's nature and architect
of ancient technologies. Shizune met Rykar before Ailina, when he fell into the Telanthe world first time.
Shizune uses two daggers with a large shuriken on her back.

Eltea Artigale (blonde haired girl): A strange small sized girl with tremendous strength was brought into Esselnia Order by Ailina.
She admires Ailina more than anyone else, and also she's secretly known as one of the rare race known as Afrenian.
Eltea uses a large mace and a large hammer as her weapons.

Rowan Vanderwald (Red Haired guy): A strange traveler who wears the uniform of Elite Knight of Empire Hestaran -
becomes a companion of Rykar and the others. He likes to be sarcastic, but also he's very popular with women.
Rowan's trained with spear as his weapon.

Now who's your favorite??

i need a break.. :sleep:
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paranormalneko-san Jun 13, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Thou-Macsen-XDLOL Jul 27, 2011
have no idea who these characters are but the picture is amazing XD
SuperSmurgger Jun 7, 2011  Student Digital Artist
OMG I'm totaly speechless !!!!!!!!!!! No words is powerful enough to describe this !
ff6celes Mar 20, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
ooh, they look very cool!
i like Eltea, she looks cool! xD
bubbi-boi Nov 17, 2010
Whose my favorite... hmm....... to hard to decide. I'd have to settle though, for all 5 xD
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