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Submitted on
December 13, 2008


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Journal Entry: Sat Dec 13, 2008, 10:37 PM

Hi Friend!
Welcome to the journal of the main commission. The information still in updates, be sure to check this page again and read the details carefully once you made up your mind to commission with me.

By registering, it means you must follow the rules that we setup for you. Breaking any rules may put you into the blacklist and decline your commission!

1. I have the rights to display any of Commissioned art in any websites, but the credits is yours.

2. The Work of progress is random. it can be slow or fast depends on quantity and quality. but you can also put reasonable deadline. *Reasonable deadline it means start 3weeks-1month after the payment. But please NO RUSH! please understand my situation because I got load of past commissioner and I'm such slow artist for Quality too.

3. Editing: Minor editing is fine for all packages.
Major editing will not be accepted for any kind of packages.

4. Every accepted commission must send your character reference PICTURE & information as much as you have.

5. Payment require after we agree to make a commissions with you. we will reply back to you once is confirmed.

6. No rushing and speed deadline. unless If you in the middle of hurry.

7. NO LONGER Accepting OC Character with Original Anime character together or OC for exact anime. for example (Naruto and your OC, or Your Bleach's OC. Excuse me bad I kinda had enough with this. please respect and love your own oc with your own story.)

8. NO ORDERING WITHOUT INFORMATION. I'll ignore your request if you don't fill up the commissions form.

9. NO REFUND! all commission that been accepted are not allowed for refund request. though you may request for changing package that suitable for the price. So, please be careful with your request.

These are the services that I give to you, other than this may negotiate first.
Your Original Characters
Fanarts (Available in limited fanarts, please ask first)
Light anthro (Nekomimi, Inumimi, etc.) (human with cat/fox ears or cat eyes etc.)
Anime, CG and semi realistic Square Enix Style (Choose one)
Mature content or Adult Stuff(?) (I don't mind whatever it is, include hentai, yuri & yaoi, as long as still fits on me, however Adult content might not be upload in DA)


» Fill the submission form below and send it to Note or email along with the Subject : Commission Request.

»The form to fill when you order«

Name: (Deviant ID)
E-mail: (your PayPal email)
Commission Package: (, ½ body, or full body) see below
Number of characters:
Simple description about your character:
Background Of Choice: (Simple/Medium/Decent/None)
Link for reference from your data:
Link for reference from my gallery: (picking up the style you want from my gallery)
Visible in Deviantart: (Yes/No)
Title Request: (Your commission title/None)
Estimated Deadline:  (Add a reasonable deadline*/None)
Size: (if you want a specific size in pixels or inch)

We prefer to send the data Via Note to prevent losing data from email.

Serving you for Ink, Anime and CG Painting Style, for more info look my

BUST-UP & Half Body Packages

Package: bust-up & Half body
Price per character: $30 USD*
Add. character     : $15 USD*
In IDR             : Rp. 175.000*
Add. character     : Rp. 85.000*
*Not Included Background
Max characters : 2

Simple background or no background:
Burn it Down, Baby. by mazjojo
Medium Background:
The Knights of Dark Roses by mazjojo
Decent background:
Comm: Impulsive Kiss by mazjojo

2/3 to Full Body CG

Package: 2/3 and Full body
Price              : $35 USD*
Add. character     : $19 USD*
In IDR             : Rp. 239.000*
Add. character     : Rp. 110.000*
*Not Included Background
Max characters : 2

No Background:
Commission: Prof. Siegfried by mazjojo
Simple Background:
Commission: Flame of Jaydo by mazjojo Comm: Cyberlove by mazjojo
Medium background:
Friend that you can depend on by mazjojoCommission: The A List by mazjojo
Decent Background:
Commission: Trouble Time by mazjojo

Price per character (2-sides) : $39 USD* (same character)
Add. character     : $16 USD* (for different character or additional character)
In IDR (2-sides)       : Rp. 299.000*  (same character)
Add. character       : Rp. 99.000* (for different character or additional character)
*No Background
Max characters : 2

CR Mission: Dakimakura Mazo by mazjojo


Package: Combination from Bust up to Full body in one.
Package: bust-up, Half body & Fullbody
Price per character : $25 USD*
In IDR per character: Rp89.000*
Already included with Simple to medium BG for bonus!
Min Character : 3
Max characters :5

Simple to Medium Background:
Commission: Three for one by mazjojo
Decent Background:
Commission: Shinobies Nowaday by mazjojo

*Background :
Simple BG :$5
Medium BG : $15 (close to decent BG but blurry)
Decent BG : $25
in IDR : (S) Rp. 25.000 (M) Rp. 50.000 (D) Rp.125.000


*IDR = Indonesian Rupiah. for local country (Indonesian) transaction price only.


:star: HOW TO PAY :star:
Paypal Accepted by NonabolcatPaypal Accepted by NonabolcatPaypal Accepted by Nonabolcat
1. International : Paypal (
2. Local         : Bank Mandiri

Do not pay before I accepted your request or I assumed it as donation.

if there is some point that is not clear, you can send me a note to ask.
I would probably update the rules and others again someday.

Thank you!

  • Mood: Thanks

++COMMISSION++by mazjojo

Journals / Personal©2008-2014 mazjojo
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Question. What is IDR?
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